Online Bill Pay - Paying attention to a solution that pays off!


Online bill pay is an important consideration when looking at your accounts receivable.  Why? Because, over 65% of people pay bills online.  Why wouldn't want to be part of it?

Many business owners believe that they must have a website to receive online bill payments. offers the ability to receive payments online even without the expense of a full website.  It offers the best option because of the low cost, the simple operation, and how easy it is to use for both the merchant and the person paying!

It's important that the online bill pay site is easy to find when a person wants to pay a bill. has 2 search systems so it's easy to find the merchants payment page.  One can go to the search box and enter to business name or simply go to the alpha search drop-down.

If you do have a website, the payment page can easily be attached. will provide a "make a payment" button that can be attached to any or all your website's pages.  When someone is ready to pay, it's important that they don't get frustrated trying to find the place to pay! 

Online bill pay will get merchants paid 5 to 7 days faster than waiting for the check in the mail.  The sooner, the better, when it comes to getting paid.  When you make it convenient to pay you online, you'll get paid when they pay all of their bills.  Why wait for them to write a check?  Then it might take 2/3 days to mail it, then another 2/3 days for it to arrive, then you have to find the time to run it to the bank when they're open! gets you your money within 2business days and you don't have to run to the bank! 

The best online bill pay will solve all these issues.  It makes easy and convenient for the customer to pay and gets the merchant paid faster.

Get listed.  Get PAID!

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